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Improve Your Home with Vinyl Siding

Improve Your Home with Premium Vinyl Siding

At Quinn’s Installation Contractors, we work with vinyl siding for only one reason: we believe that vinyl siding is the way to go for home and business owners who want a low maintenance, hassle free, beautiful exterior to their buildings. Vinyl resists damage from impacts, wind, and rain with less superficial damage than either wood or concrete, making it a top choice for replacing your old damaged siding.

Quinn’s Installation Contractors use top vinyl siding companies, including well-known and trusted brands like CerainTeed and Mastic, so our clients can be assured they’ll get only the best quality materials that are sure to last. We remain flexible in our materials to better match your price point, so whatever your project’s budget, we can help you complete it.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

We install only vinyl siding because we are completely convinced it is the best option available. We won’t work with wood or cement siding, though we can remove your old siding when installing your new vinyl siding. If you’re still not convinced that vinyl siding is the way to go, consider these major reasons to choose vinyl:

  • Vinyl siding is uniform in color all the way through, so its color remains truer longer.
  • Vinyl siding requires little or no maintenance in all but the most exceptional cases.
  • Vinyl siding is durable and holds up better and longer than wood siding.
  • Vinyl siding can reduce cooling and heating costs when compared to other options.

Reduce Maintenance, Increase Property Value

With more than 40 years of track record building and improving buildings in the greater Portland region of Maine, we have the experience and relationships we need to give you the best quality work. Our focus on vinyl siding means we have probably already installed vinyl siding on a building very similar to yours, and you can trust us to avoid the mistakes of inexperienced siding contractors.

Vinyl requires little to no upkeep. This is the main reason why vinyl siding is consistently one of the most popular home improvement projects. Even in Maine weather, with Nor'easters, blizzards, and hail every year, properly installed vinyl siding holds up better than other siding options. Being completely impermeable to water, it also helps to better shelter the structure of your home from the elements.

Because vinyl siding is so easy to maintain, it is one of the big features potential home buyers look for when purchasing a home. So, if you are thinking selling your home soon and want to increase your chances of getting your asking price, you should invest in new siding.

Even if you plan to stay put for some years, installing vinyl siding for your home will make your experience as a homeowner easier. Can you even imagine no more exterior maintenance? You may never have to waste another precious weekend (nor pay a handyman for) painting or re-shingling your property!

Is curb appeal your main concern? We work with all different styles of siding, such as clapboard and shingles, to best suit your home and tastes, and there are dozens of excellent colors to choose from. There are even vinyl products that mimic the texture and coloration of wood shakes.

If you have questions, you are interested in learning more about the benefits of vinyl siding, or you are ready to get an estimate, please give us a call at (207) 883-6086. Contact us today and you’ll be one step closer to a more beautiful home for many years to come!

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