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About Quinn's Installation Contractors

Who We Are at Quinn's Installation Contractors

Quinn’s Installation Contractors has been making homes beautiful since 1972!

Willy Quinn
We are a family owned and operated home improvement business known for our superior customer service and use of top-quality products. We are Maine’s preferred choice for siding installation as well as window and door replacements. We pride ourselves on our professional team of top-tier installation technicians.

Dennis Sr. started the company and the Quinn family. He is the proud father of his two daughters Kim and Karen and two sons William and Dennis Jr., William owns and operates the company today. William is pleased to help you live a better life with a great contractor experience.

Our mission is to make your home or business ownership a better experience with more efficiently insulated doors, windows, and siding that will help make your property more beautiful, valuable, and easier to maintain. Let us help you make this vision your new reality, contact us today to learn more about our services or set up an estimate.

The History of Quinn's Installation Contractors

Dennis Quinn Sr. started this company almost fifty years ago in 1972 with little more than a truck and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. At the time, his son William (Willy) and Dennis Jr. were only four and two years old respectively, but it wasn’t very long before his sons showed an interest in the business that would grow into their leading roles today.

In the beginning, Dennis Sr. worked with a small crew of laborers on various local siding and roofing projects, but as word got around about the high quality of his team’s work, the business began to expand and evolve. Soon, the team was able to offer top quality window and door replacement services. This is when Dennis Sr.’s sons, William and Dennis Jr., were able to get involved in making Quinn’s Installation Contractors a family legacy of excellence.

Just look at this short list of Portland landmarks that Quinn’s Installation Contractors has been honored to work on:
  • Five County Credit Union
  • Little Hands Daycare
  • Norway Savings Bank
  • Post Office at Oak Hill in Scarborough
  • Ray’s and Robin’s Hobby Shop
  • Sandpiper Condominiums
  • Sebago Brewing Company
  • Yarmouth Water Quality Station

And that’s just to name a handful of the satisfied businesses we’ve served. With more than forty years of track record, and many more decades of collective contracting experience, the number of homeowners happily enjoying the products of Quinn’s Installation Contractors is countless.

Our Business Today

Today, Quinn’s Installation Contractors employs two home improvement crews that work on projects all over the greater Portland area. Mainers have come to know and trust the Quinn name, as we have been delivering the highest quality results to home and business owners in Maine for over forty years.

We are consistently the top choice for property owners who seek a hassle-free, affordable installation experience. Our team of trusted, local professionals is preferred throughout Portland by those who want energy-efficient replacement windows, installation of stylish and low maintenance vinyl siding, or a perfectly installed beautiful new door.

Are you interested in joining the ranks of satisfied Quinn’s Installation Contractors’ customers?

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